About us:

We’ve been putting shoppers and businesses together since 2014. It’s a match made in heaven. Leading the way with our virtual gift card mall launched in 2014 and our reward link platform that followed, we know exactly what makes your customers tick.

Today, we have access to a huge array of digital gift cards - all purchasable and redeemable in real-time. We work with some of the biggest and best retailers in the business. Since 2015, we’ve been helping them drive reward campaigns that turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

The history of Giftcloud

  1. Enter Giftcloud: we launch our first consumer website

  2. We celebrate the birth of our rewards platform

  3. We launch a successful partnership with a major UK mobile provider - our first official API connected client

  4. Our first client-branded gift card mall, powered by us, goes live!

  5. We introduce our reporting portal offering complete transparency for our clients

  6. We launch another winner, this time so customers get cashback on e-gift card purchases

  7. Our prepaid Mastercard solution launches

  8. Giftcloud joins the Groupon family

  9. We go global with campaigns in Germany, closely followed by France, Italy, Australia, Ireland, North America and Spain.

  10. Putting the customer first - our dedicated customer care team begin supporting our largest clients

  11. Customer conversion is increased with our new data capture design

  12. Game changed; we are empowering customers to check the status of their rewards, giving them real-time updates.

  13. Strengthening the Giftcloud offering, we launched the self service platform

We are a part of Groupon, affording us breadth and depth in our field and beyond.

We challenge ourselves to build the best creative campaigns possible for our clients. With in-house experts in all areas, from PPC and SEO, to design and our own in-house tech team, we specialise in story-based strategies to optimise your customer relationships.

Meet some of the Giftcloud Team

Stuart Lawrence

Giftcloud Director

Zoe Van Der Linden

Head of Operations

Rob Bracken

Tech Lead

Ryan Vennell

Client Services Manager

Michael Williams

Head of Business Development

Catherine Luangrath

Operations Manager