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Decathlon eVoucher terms and conditions

The Gift Card is a voucher that allows the holder to pay for purchases of DECATHLON products from DECATHLON’s UK stores and online by means of the Website. It may be used more than once and its use may be supplemented by other payment methods, as necessary. It should be treated with the same care as cash, DECATHLON will not replace it or its value should it be lost. In order to use the Gift Card online, the Gift Card number and the code under the scratch-off area on the back of the card must be provided.

The Gift Cards are sold only to individuals for their personal use or to businesses for their employees or customers, for a variable amount, which is determined by the Customer at purchase, between: £5.00 and £250.00, and up to and including two (2) decimal places (eg£25.20).

Gift Card’s will only be valid for a period of twenty four (24) months from its activation (the “Term”). Physical Gift Cards are sent inactive to the Customer or the Cards recipient(s) and are activated after 72 hours, however if Gift Cards are sent to Customer’s (or Card recipients) by email, then they are automatically activated.

The Gift Card can be used for any number of purchases until its value is completely exhausted or the expiry of its Term. There is no cash alternative to a Gift Card. Gift Cards, even partially consumed, cannot be exchanged for cash. Information about the Card balance and its expiry date are available online under “Have you received a Gift Card?” on the Decathlon Website.

About Decathlon eVoucher

Letting the masses enjoy a grand array of sports and much more of the outdoors - Decathlon is your gateway to a little more day-to-day adventure! Brighten the lifestyle of another too with a Decathlon gift card and let them choose from the quality products available from this innovative brand. Whatever your favourite activity may be, or if you’d like to pursue a new adventure sport - Decathlon will have the specialist clothing, footwear, equipment and know-how available to let you make the most of every sporty pursuit. For the cyclist, ski fanatic, happy camper and other active souls - get them closer to the outdoors and too what they love doing with Decathlon gift vouchers. When you can let a pal or family member invest in quality bikes, camping equipment, walking shoes, fitness gear and much more - you’ll be giving them a gift that’ll be rewarding no end!

Decathlon redemption instructions

To redeem your gift card in store please print off and present to the cashier at the checkout. This Gift Card is immediately available in-store but leave up to 24 hours for online use.


In order to use the gift online please enter the gift card number and code at the checkout as 'Decathlon Gift Card' and not eVoucher. This Gift Card is immediately available in-store but leave up to 24 hours for online use.

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